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Mumokan: CASE 39. UMMON AND TRAP INTO WORDS As soon as a monk stated Ummon, "The radiance of the Buddha quietly and restlessly illuminates the whole universe", Ummon asked him, "Are these you are reciting not the words of Chosetzu Shusai?" The monk replied, "Yes, they are." Ummon said, "You are trapped in words!" Afterwards Shishin brought up the matter once more and said, "Tell me, how was the monk trapped in words?" Mumon's Comments: If you are able to grasp Un-mon's unapproachable accomplishments and follow through the monk's corruption (of being trapped into words), you will be the leader of humans and Devas. If not, you cannot even save yourself. A fish meets the fishhook in a rapid stream, Being too greedy for the bait, the fish wants to bite. Once his mouth widely opens, His life is already lost.

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